What is local marketing and how to differentiate yourself from the rest?

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Local marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of focusing actions on a specific geographic location and trying to attract customers in a small market segment.

It is usually used in small businesses, in national and international establishments, adapting to the needs of each community and can also be done on the Internet.

Times of large supermarkets and giant sales on the net

On the one hand, they insist that SMEs have to digitize, but on the other hand they emphasize that they have to have a marketing strategy. In other words, there is no point in opening a channel on YouTube and then leaving it empty of content.

This is where local or location-based marketing comes in. Their mission is to optimize the website and online advertising to help drive traffic and awareness in localized regions.

This type of marketing specifically targets all those potential customers who live in the community around your business.

Types of local marketing strategies

The first step is to find the people who will be most interested in your products or services. Knowing your business and your community well is paramount. Where do the people who will be your best customers live, work, or spend their time?

How do I do it?

Participating in school-related or community events, or networking events.

If big companies talk about Social Responsibility, the SME should also be involved in it. And being present in any event related to sport, environment or any event that drags your community, is the ideal place to be present, as a neighbor.

That is the purpose of local marketing, that the company is seen as one more. Not just a place to go shopping, but a group of people who also care about their environment and do not forget what happens in the neighborhood when it comes time to throw the blind.

The importance of location in social networks

Advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram is one of the best ways to identify and target a specific audience.

Facebook advertising can be tailored so that local and targeted ads reach specialized groups.

What doesn’t work as a national strategy can really work well at the local level, and tools like social media advertising, Google PPC and Keyword Planner make it easy to find that balance within your marketing plan.

Local influencers also exist

Do you know a local blogger or influencer that people trust?

It’s a good option since there are many nearby you tubers, such as an SME or a smaller business, who often mention their locality and their followers, can buy their products online.

It’s not fashionable or risky. An example is Rosa Ferro, a mathematics teacher who has makeup as her hobby. Different brands send you samples to give your opinion, and at the same time, small brands from local businesses as well.

Her profile is attractive because her content is quality, close and useful. This type of social influencer needs to be shown our products or services.

In short, as long as the strategy is consistent with your business, there are multiple actions within local marketing to be even more present among your potential customers.

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