I think someone’s gonna make the joke, “Mute, you’re all caught.” Because that’s exactly what happened at Instagram.

What a one-two, you guys! The authoritative TechCrunch has them on the sidelines again: Mark Z. is testing a new feature that will allow the instagrammers to know when they saw everything there was to see in their feed.

But it doesn’t end here, nooo, because on the App has been activated also the function “Mute” that can hide the posts of the people we follow.

After the last new entry function Usage Insight (which measures how much time we spend on Instagram), very soon a notification will notify us as soon as our feed has been viewed completely.

From the chronological feed to the algorithmic feed: what anxiety!

In my opinion:

  • Since Instagram has moved from chronological feed to algorithmic feed, it has become much more difficult for users to make sure they have seen everything their friends have shared.
  • We all end up being victims of obsessive-compulsive scrolling in anxiety not to miss anything, not a selfie, not a sunset or a dinner.
  • The new function is very useful because it solves the problem.
  • Mark Z. – who cares about our mental health – he understood this and found the solution: in fact he is testing a new feature that will inform users when the feed has been displayed completely.

A nice support in the daily search of Engagement to do business, along with metrics to know well.

How it works

As soon as the user has viewed all the content that his friends have shared in the last 48 hours, Instagram will show a mid-feed notification that will inform him that there is nothing more to see. “You’re all caught up, you’ve seen all new posts from the past 48 hours”.

The Italian translation is still unknown. Maybe it will be a simple “Don’t worry, you’ve seen everything”.

At the moment the function is being tested: it should be available to everyone in the next few weeks. It only remains to be understood if the notification will inform us that we have seen all the posts published in the last 48 hours by the people we follow, or if it will be limited only to those “important” that the algorithm has decided is worth showing us.

The “Mute” function

The second new feature is the option to disable home notifications of contacts that we follow on Instagram. The function is already active on a limited number of accounts and will be available to everyone within a few weeks.

What can you do with the Mute function?

  • The user will be able to remove the posts and stories of the desired people from their main Instagram screen.
  • Users will be able to deactivate their accounts by tapping on the “…” button in the corner of the post and choosing between post muting, stories or posts and stories.
  • These contents can still be displayed on the “silenced” user’s page.
  • You can hide the contents of a certain person, without having to stop following him. A bit like it already happens with Facebook with the “Pause for 30 days” function.

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