Nowadays the web is full of video contents, short clips and longer videos that are shared on the main social networks and, in particular, within the social network with the most unique and characteristic visual impact of the moment: Instagram.

Instagram content has become one of the main sources of entertainment in the lives of millions of users, and with the advent of IGTV, we found ourselves facing a further revolution from the platform.

IGTV allows us to see the contents of our favorite channels directly proposed within a streaming set up by the platform itself. So, instead of giving ourselves to wild scrolling, Instagram allows us to relax and see the latest news. An eye-catching stunt that further increases the media power of this social that has literally exploded in the web landscape.

IGTV is thus transformed into a real streaming channel, along the lines of Twitch and Youtube, which contains, however, the content of the users we follow. A panacea for fans who might decide to keep their IGTV sessions by recording them… but how to do it?

Record Instagram content from Desktop

Recording the contents of the channels we follow on Instagram is actually very simple. Just use a screen capture tool like the one offered by Movavi, which allows us to record everything that happens on the desktop, both in its entirety and by selecting the areas that interest us, leaving out of the recording the rest of the screen.

With this technique you can create real databases of our favorite streams, and record as if they were episodes of our IGTV sessions.

Recording the desktop is also useful when we want to create tutorials (Instagram or IGTV), for example explaining to users how to configure IGTV on Instagram. Also in this case through the screen capture tool you can record everything we want, also choosing whether to add the audio from our microphone, to make a commentary, or keep only that of the PC.

For more details on screen capture, here you can find a manual on how to record desktops with Movavi.

In conclusion, IGTV is one of Instagram’s great innovations. With some computer trick, however, you can enjoy the best and get content that we can maintain over time and see when and how we want to save them in the formats best suited to our devices.

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