I also talked about it in a recent post: let’s get used to thinking about our Instagram profile as if it were our home page. Instagram is developing as a mini-Google (to think about it: really mini?!), so it’s time to learn to think here as well as when we think about how to optimize our sites for the search engine.

Finding us is a priority and, once found, we want those who discovered us to stay on our profile. In other words: we want to convert visitors into followers.

For this reason, today I want to give you some input to work on improving and optimizing your Instagram bio!

Conditio sine qua non: switch to a business profile!

Having a company Instagram profile is fundamental for two simple but very important reasons:

  • you can provide key contact information for your brand such as web address, email, phone and directions,
  • you can monitor the analytics of your account and periodically study your strategies based on the results achieved.

That said, let’s move on to tips & tricks!

The description: use it to attract your ideal audience

  • A well made bio Instagram explains who you are and what you do (or who is and what does the company whose account you manage). So be sure to explain clearly what is the focus of the account you manage.
  • Try to think from the point of view of your target audience: so, use keywords that can be of help or inspiration to those who find you, thus inducing them to follow you.
  • Insert links, hashtags and quotes

Any username or hashtag you enter in the IG bio will become a clickable link. So:

  • leave the link to your website in the appropriate space of your business profile or use specific applications, such as Linkin.Bio by Later, so you don’t have to manually change the URL every time you want to promote a different product or blog post;
  • find your hashtag: inserting your own hashtag in your biography does not make your profile searchable through that hashtag, while creating your own hashtag and inserting it in bio is a great way to make it known and create your own community, implicitly inviting users to participate, using it;
  • mentions accounts related to your business, such as other accounts of your brand or accounts with which you have a collaboration in place.

The highlighted stories are the only ones that never end!

One of the most salient and profitable recent news for brands is the highlights stories. Not only do they allow you to give your best stories a privileged space, but they also ensure their eternal life.

This leads us to consider the stories also from a new point of view: the highlights become an additional tool to tell you. The highlights stories become a bit like your web pages: who we are, the products, the special offers, the useful tips, etc.: you can create these and other categories to describe your brand, but in an original way and with an authentic language.

If you represent an online store or a clothing brand, you can use the stories in evidence to re-propose the various categories of products you sell (t-shirts, shirts, clothes), but you can do it in a way that is much more creative than in an institutional and basically static web page.

Remember that the world of IG Stories and their communicative style are something unique.

Let me give you an example: you publish a story to show the new line of shoes of your brand, you receive a series of messages in response to that story, many of which are requests for further information on the materials of the product or on which stores have them on sale.

You may decide to respond with other stories that reflect the questions posed by users, giving all the information requested in a creative way.

What do you think, if this collection of stories becomes a highlights?! A sort of “F.A.Q.” section, but in the manner of Instagram!

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