All instagrammers “aficionados” wake up in the morning with a fixed nail in their head “How do I get to know more about Instagram?”

Don’t worry, amigo, your worries are over: I’ll explain to you how to increase the popularity of your brand in 5 simple steps.

In the meantime, let’s start with the goal: to build and implement the audience that is right for your brand, okay?

We want to build a strong brand.

We want to attract the right audience, your future customers.

We want to make a great first impression and we know we have a few seconds to do it.

We want to convert leads (new visitors to our profile) into followers.


Well, good challenge.

It’s optimization we’re talking about.

Today’s pocket seminar: how to make yourself known on Instagram.

# 1: Combine your personal and professional accounts

It is useless to have two of them (one private and one professional): your personality is not highlighted and they also take time away.

Instead, try to create a “personal corporate brand”, a sort of hybrid between personal and corporate accounts.

Advantage: It allows you to extract interesting elements from both. Mixing them wisely will make you more interesting for your audience.

Tip: Try to maintain a strong balance between personal and professional and stay true to your brand.

Key: show your personality while telling your followers that you are running a business!

# 2: A brand on Instagram needs a simple name

If you have a personal brand, I suggest you use your real name. Otherwise, go with the name of your business.

Advantage: If you choose a username very close to your name or brand, your followers will remember it more easily. Especially if it’s short.

Tip: Many famous bloggers have made the transition from their blog name to their real name: this is the trend. Customization. Do it yourself.

Opt for a synthetic name, avoid symbols or useless numbers.

Key: mix personal and professional life on a single Instagram profile. At least as long as this trend lasts.

# 3: Share targeted keywords already in the Name field

Your name is different from your username. Many people tend to enter their username in the field of their name. Watch out! Using your username in this field is a missed opportunity because the words you enter in the field of your name are actually searchable on Instagram!

Advantage: using targeted keywords amplifies and improves your strategy: you will get better results.

Tip: how to find the right keywords? Try to think about the keywords your follower is looking for on Instagram. It could be that of your niche market or that of the products you sell. Once you find the right keywords, enter them in the name field.

Key: I suggest you label yourself well on IG. Don’t lose sight of what your visitors are looking for. Try to offer them as much information as possible in the shortest possible time.

# 4: Your Personal Branding starts with Bio

Do we have any bio-well done? I suggest you segment your biography into two parts. The first part should quickly explain who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Advantage: Constantly evolving Bio’s convert more. Don’t be content to write it down once and for all. Apart from diamonds, nothing is forever! Constantly update your Bio to intrigue new visitors.

Tip: find a way to let your visitors know immediately what your business is. Don’t be self-referential, focus on your target customer and ask yourself if your profile can help or inspire them.

Key: we live in the age of speed, time is the most precious asset: your visitor will quickly get impatient if he does not understand on the fly what you do and if it is worth to follow you.

# 5: Add a CTA to your Bio link

The second part of your biography should be used as a call-to-action for the link in your biography. Since you only have one link on your profile, I recommend using that last line to invite users to click on your link.

Advantage: Trust me, this is one of the best ways to help your followers find what they are looking for. When you set up a page for your account, you can easily send your followers anywhere, linking your posts to specific product pages, blog posts or websites – all without changing the link in your biography!

Tip: For example, if you offer a new promotion, a free resource or a limited time offer, be sure to let your profile visitors know about them. I recommend using both text and emoji. You only have 150 characters available, so don’t be afraid to use emojis to save space and add personality to your profile!

Key: If for some reason you can’t decide on a main CTA, you could create an Instagram shoppable feed that links all your Instagram posts to specific products or pages, including stories.
Extra tip: Be a pioneer, get ready to use IGTV to multiply your followers.

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