How to Choose H4 LEDBulbs

Can the best H4 led bulbs safely replace old halogen bulbs? Well, the approach with H4 led bulbs for some people is often forced: initially in fact many people are practically forced to use them, but they believe that the old xenon or halogen kit can hardly be replaced without regrets by this kind of products. Once installed the spotlights in question, however, users do not delay to change their mind, captivated (and dazzled) by the intense and powerful brightness coming from these particular LED lamps for cars.

In fact, their light is white and bright and does not allow in any case the formation of dangerous areas of shadow. In addition, compared to more conventional products, the H4 lamps guarantee an energy saving estimated on average around 70% and a duration three times higher than the standard. As if that weren’t enough, driving at night or in low light conditions is immediately perceived as safer than in the past.

Service information: not all cars or motorcycles support this kind of attack: before buying a kit of H4 led lamps it is always good to verify the actual compatibility with your car.

Well, the reasons are many and all in all quite valid. Compared to a normal spotlight of old design, therefore to a halogen technology, the H4 can be said to be capable of better performance. In detail:

Reactivity: this kind of lamps, compared to xenon and especially halogen, have a much higher reactivity. In fact, if they are activated, they light up immediately and do not require any heating phase.

Light quality: if a normal halogen concentrates its light beam (and the consequent projection) in its central part thus creating dangerous shadow zones at the edges of the lighthouse, a LED Headlights for Harley Davidson lamp emits instead a clear, bright and active beam of light on 360 ° and clean, so to speak, since it does not emit harmful frequencies such as UV and infrared.

Performance: The quality of performance is generally guaranteed even under extreme conditions. Bad weather, excessive heat, humidity or cold and even snow should not, at least for the best products on the market, adversely affect the quality of the lighting. In addition, H4s are designed to withstand any type of impact or jolt normally suffered by cars and motorcycles. Finally, just to make the task easier for users, these lamps are always easy to assemble and disassemble, which in no case takes more than a few minutes.

Savings: these particular spotlights are products designed to guarantee users a great saving. In fact, they have a longer life than normal halogen lamps, they heat up very little when compared to the latter (so much so that we can say that the top of the range consume up to 5 times less than other old design lights) and are not subject to breakage and therefore to replacement.

H4 led lamps: how much do they cost?

H4 led lamps are normally sold in pairs. The cost of this kind of product obviously varies in relation to the brand and model chosen, depending on the type of service offered and the choice to buy in a physical or virtual store. In principle, however, it is possible to say that the price of the article in question should vary between 10/20 euro for objects belonging to the medium-low range and 75/85 euro for products of much higher quality and equipped with different accessories.

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